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Peranakan Place





Peranakans are descendants of Chinese immigrants to Malaysia and Singapore and surrounding South East Asia dating back from the 15th Century. Nonya is the term used for women and Baba for men.



Peranakan, or Nonya cuisine is the combination of Chinese, Malay and other South East Asian cuisines and ingredients which has been melded into its own unique blend. This gave rise to Nonya food with its tangy, aromatic, spicy and herbal flavours. In fact, it has been noted as the earliest fusion food in the international culinary world.



It blends the ingredients and wok cooking of the Chinese with the spices used by the Malays, Indonesians and Thai community, as well as doses of British and India (historical: British Occupation of Malay Peninsula and Singapore) to create rich curries, braised dishes and stews.



There are regional variations in Nonya cooking.  Dishes from Penang (North Malaysia) possess Thai influence with the liberal use of tamarind, whilst Singapore and Malacca show greater Indonesian influence with the use of coconut milk.



Peranakan Place offers its customers authentic Nonya cuisine and favourite local street food of Singapore and Malaysia.




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